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P. Willinckii “Zapdos”

P. Willinckii “Zapdos”

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If you’re looking for a truly collective platycerium, congratulations you found it. We’re lucky to find this unique individual among millions that we’ve grown. This plant as illustrated in the picture has 2 stages of life so far, stage 1 with long and silvery fronds, stage 2 comes with fronds have lots of forks. Never is there another platycerium in our radar shows this characteristics so far. Good plant comes with a beautiful price. 

-This is the first and so far the only pup we’ve offered. 

-It’ll be dwarf size upon maturity.

-Mother plant is shown in the picture, please message us if you’re interested in ordering.

-We’re not liable for damages occurred during transportation.

-“Welcome” offer not applicable to this item.

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